IRS Installment Agreement Calculator

Establishing an Installment Agreement with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is one of the primary methods of resolving Federal tax debt. Many taxpayers are unable to full pay their Federal tax liability in a single lump sum. An IRS Installment Agreement enables those taxpayers who are unable to full pay their liability to pay down their debt over a period of time. Generally, Installment Agreements last between 24 and 72 months.

How Much Will I Have To Pay Each Month?

The amount of your monthly payment is based on your specific financial situation. Typically, the IRS requires that the entire tax liability be paid in no more than 72 monthly payments. If, however, payment in 72 months or less would create a financial hardship, then the IRS will allow the taxpayer to pay less.

Do I Qualify For An Installment Agreement?

To qualify for an IRS Installment Agreement you must be in compliance with your filing requirements. This means that you must have filed ”Ability to pay” demands that the taxpayer has a source of regular income and that the income exceeds the taxpayer’s monthly expenses. ”Compliance with filing requirements” demands that the taxpayer must have no delinquent tax returns for all tax periods at issue.

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IRS Installment Agreement Calculator

Basic Information
State of Residence
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Household Information
Number of people in household who can be claimed on this year's tax return including you and your spouse.
Under 65
65 and Over
Number of Vehicles in Household
Car Payment 1$
Car Payment 2$
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Wage Information
Your Wage Information
How Often are you paid?
Your Gross Pay Per Period $
Your Federal Taxes Per Period $
Your State Taxes Per Period $
Your Net Monthly Wages $
Spouse's Wage Information
How Often Is Your Spouse Paid?
Gross Pay Per Period $
Spouses Federal Taxes Per Period $
Spouses State Taxes Per Period $
Spouses Net Monthly Wages $
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Monthy Non-Wage Household Income

Alimony Income$
Net Rental Income $
Child Support Income$
Unemployment Income$
Net Self Employment Income$
Pension Income$
Interest Income$
Social Security Income$
Total Income $
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Monthly Required Expenses

Child/Dependent Care $
Estimated Tax Payments$
Term Life Insurance $
ER Required Retirement $
Union Dues $
Delinquent State Taxes $
Student Loans (Minimum) $
Ct. Ordered Child Support $
Court Ordered Alimony $
Other Court Ordered Payment $
Other $
SubTotal $
Expenses Total
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IRS Installment Agreement Calculator Results

Based on the Income and Expenses you provided, your proposed IRS Installment Agreement is
per month. This estimate is based on your monthly discretionary income and calculated using IRS expense allowances.

The required monthly payment may differ from the above estimate based on undisclosed income, undisclosed expenses, and your current County of Residence.

If you are interested in entering into an IRS Installment Agreement, then AB Tax Law is here to help. AB Tax Law has helped many taxpayers successfully enter into IRS Installment Agreements to repay their tax liability. To setup a free tax consultation with our office click the submit button below to sent your previously entered contact information to our office or call us at 1-888-351-3707.
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What Can AB Tax Law Do To Help?

AB Tax Law has arranged for millions of dollars in past due Federal taxes to paid through IRS Installment Agreements. Our experience and knowledge allows us to help our clients to minimize their monthly payments and total repayment. To discuss your tax issues and the availability of an installment agreement, contact AB Tax Law today.